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BECKLEY WV – A new short term class on evangelism will be offered on Monday nights at the CRC. The class, “Beyond The Walls” is designed to encourage those who have a heart for evangelism and wish to learn more, discuss ideas, and examine ways to encourage and equip others to be an answer to the prayer request of Christ. (Matt. 9:37) The class will include teaching, discussion, and strategic examples of practical application for both churches and individual believers and look at ways to provide ongoing support for those desiring to reach people with the good news of Christ.


PJ Meduri from the ministry “Talking the Field” will be teaching the class. Taking the Field, works with local churches in a combination of large-scale evangelistic events, and smaller evangelism and discipleship training sessions designed to reach people with the good news of Christ.

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The Christian Resource Center is a central location for pastors and their churches in Southern WV to turn to for information and resource materials. The CRC has been involved in educational opportunities through Bible studies, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Faith-based guidance on personal issues, including finances, addictions and other relevant matters are an important part of our services.

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