Honoring Our Mothers

Mother's Day is coming up on May 12th, and in keeping with this tradition of honoring the special mom's in our lives, Emilie Barnes has created some very special Mother's Day programs for you this month on "Keep It Simple."

Throughout her Mother's Day messages, Emilie reminds us that moms are an important part of God's creation, and that a Godly mother is a gift and blessing to her family.  We need to cherish, honor and be thankful for our mothers.

During the week prior to Mother's Day, some of the special programs Emilie has recorded are:

5/6     Honor Your Mother

5/7     A Woman to Be Proud Of

5/8     A Woman of God

5/9     A Mom's Tribute

5/10   A Mother's Day Prayer

Thank you airing "Keep It Simple," and for allowing Emilie to bring encouraging messages to your listeners.  I hope they help to remind your listening audience of the special purpose God has designed for moms in all of our lives.

"Honor your father and mother"-which is the first commandment with a promise..."      

Ephesians 6:2


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