National Treasure

BY: LEE ANN JACKSON – Ambassador

Last month (October 2012) marked the birthday of someone extra special to a lot of people -- Joni Eareckson Tada celebrated her 63rd birthday. A quick glance at her recent ministry activity and it's no wonder that she is referred to as a "national treasure" (thanks to Ron Harris, NRB Executive, for coining the phrase!).

Cancer -- Joni's Journey

Earlier in October, the NRB Network premiered Joni's TV message sharing about her cancer journey. "During my battle against cancer, I purposed not to 'waste' my hardship -- I wanted to pass on to others all that God taught me through the rigorous demands of surgery and chemotherapy. Yes, it was a fierce battle, but I'm grateful that Ken and I were able to video-journal the entire experience," Joni.

Disability Summit/Ministry

The first week of October, Joni was in Charlotte at the Southeast Disability Ministry Summit to, as she expresses, "pour out my heart about the need to give the love of Christ to people with disabilities around the world." And later this week, Joni will speak via video at another disability ministry training conference in Columbus, Ohio which will focus on four key areas:

F oundations of Bioethics

U nseen Disabilities/Mental Health

S ocial Action and Church Advocacy

E quipping for Disability Ministry

50 Women You Should Know

The above is a mere glimpse at the many ways Joni remains committed to Kingdom work leaving no wonder that she was selected as one of the 50 Women You Should Know in the current issue of Christianity Today. As noted in the article, "Christian women who want to pursue influential roles in politics, the church, and other sectors of public life in the United States and Canada have never before had more opportunities to do so. As the following profiles in our cover package show, they are taking advantage of those opportunities in spades. It's not just a golden moment for Christian women, of course, but for the entire church, as we benefit from the fruit of their manifold gifts. 

Indeed, Happy Birthday, Joni . . . a national treasure!

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