Survey Finds Christians Won't Be Duped

Christian News Service/NICAEA poll finds 79% say biblical accuracy is important

OXFORD, Miss, June 10, 2014 |Christian News Service| --The so-called "Year of the Bible" has Christian moviegoers packing movie theaters across the country. Films like the SON OF GOD, MOMS NIGHT OUT and GOD'S NOT DEAD racked up a combined 218 million dollars in ticket sales in 2014.

A new survey, however, reveals the faithful won't be duped by movies that are Christian in name only.

According to a survey of 1200 respondents from Oxford-based Christian News Service and conducted by American Insights, 79% of those polled say "historical and biblical accuracy is important."

Two-thirds (66%) of all adults and 74% of Christians (who make up 63% of all survey respondents) are likely to see a movie related to God.

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One in Five Americans see Bible as ‘Fables, Legends and History’

America could be experiencing a decline of literalism and the rise of secularism, according to one interpretation of a recent Gallup Poll.

The poll, which measured Americans’ beliefs about the Bible, found that 28 percent of Americans believe the Bible is the literal word of God — close to the lowest point ever found in the survey. About 40 percent of Americans said the same thing in the late 1970s. 

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Legislative Hypocrisy In Arizona

By Michael Brown, CP Op-Ed Contributor



What caused three Republican lawmakers in Arizona to sign SB 1062 only to reverse course a few days later and urge Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill?

The controversial religious freedoms bill, which Gov. Brewer ultimately vetoed, was passed along party lines by a vote of 17 (Republicans) to 13 (Democrats), but as the bill received tremendous public opposition, from Apple to the NFL, from Delta Airlines to the NBA, and from Mitt Romney to John McCain, three of those Republicans had a change of heart.

As reported on February 25th, "three state senators, who initially voted in favor of the measure, said in a letter to Republican Governor Jan Brewer that the proposal had been mistakenly approved in haste and had already caused 'immeasurable harm' to Arizona's national image."

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Hobby Lobby Soon to Stand Before High Court

Rhetoric is escalating in Washington as the March 25 date draws near for Hobby Lobby to plead its First Amendment case at the U.S. Supreme Court against the Obama Administration’s mandate that all new health plans cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs. As a private business, Hobby Lobby does not fall under the narrow religious exemption of the mandate, so it would be required to include such coverage when its health plan renews or potentially face crippling federal fines of $1.3 million per day for its refusal to comply.

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Texas' Largest Presbyterian Church (USA) Congregation Votes to Leave Denomination


October 30, 2013|6:40 pm

The largest Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation in Texas has voted to leave the mainline denomination over theological differences.

Highland Park Presbyterian Church of Dallas, which has approximately 4,000 members, overwhelmingly approved a resolution recently that would involve the congregation terminating its voluntary affiliation with the PC (USA).

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